My battery powered toy won't turn on

If your new toy uses batteries and it won't turn on, please first try inserting new batteries into the unit. Some toys use a lot of battery power, so be sure to try new batteries and remove the batteries when you're not using the toy, as some toys drain the battery life even when not in use.

Make sure the batteries are inserted correctly

Some toys come with little to no directions or indicter markings on the battery chamber, so be sure you are inserting the batteries in the correct way.

Make sure the cap is screwed in tightly

Toys with screw in battery chambers might not turn on or fully function if the battery chamber isn't fully screwed back on. Please try turning the cap tightly to ensure your battery chamber is fully secure.

Always check the battery chamber before first use

Some toys, mainly bullet vibrators, come with a plastic insert inside the battery chamber indicating the which direction to place the batteries. If your toy has these instructions inside, please remove the plastic insert before turning on the unit. If you do not remove the plastic insert, your toy might not turn on or may not function properly.

Trouble with rechargeable toys

If you are having trouble getting your rechargeable toy to work, please make sure you have fully read the included manual. As a tip, it's always recommended to initially charge your rechargeable unit fully before it's first use. Each rechargeable toy varies in time it takes to fully charge, so as a general rule, it's best to leave it charging for at least 6 hours. Some rechargeable toys will not work while the unit is being charged, so once it's been charged for the proper time, please remove it from the charger and attempt to power the unit on.